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We build e-commerce solutions tailored to your market.

We help you to increase your sales.

Make your business stand out.

Creative Design Agency

Your gateway to a higher-level online presence that captures, converts, and launches your business.

Website Design

Embrace responsive web design for seamless user experiences across devices. Expert help creates visually stunning, user-friendly websites for enhanced online presence..

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eCommerce Development

Boost your e-commerce presence twofold with effective website design. Our creative designers craft compelling layouts, enhancing brand appeal and customer engagement.

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Web Hosting and Domain

Supercharge your online presence with our high-speed hosting and domain services. Elevate performance, reliability, and success for your website today!

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Graphic Design

Elevate your brand with our graphic design services. From logos to user-friendly websites, we craft cohesive identities, enhancing engagement for growth.

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Maximize online visibility with our SEO services. Our experts optimize content, boost rankings, and drive organic traffic for lasting digital success.

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Branding Design

Invest in impactful branding design services for a unique identity. Differentiate, build trust, and drive lasting growth with compelling visuals.

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Content Writing

Elevate your brand's narrative with our content writing service. Engaging, strategic content that resonates, captivates, and drives meaningful connections.

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WordPress Technical Support

Experience seamless WordPress operation with our technical support. From troubleshooting to customization, our experts ensure your website functions flawlessly for optimal performance.

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— CODEYAE is different, WHO WE ARE?

Where Creativity Meets Innovation  - Leading Web Agency Delivering Outstanding Digital Solutions

We’re a web agency based in Houston that delivers creative, modern, and fully-responsive designs that’ll make your website the talk of the town. We’re your one-stop shop for all your digital needs, with affordable costs and fast results that don’t skimp on quality. We’re forefront of this revolution, providing solutions that are changing the way people do business online.

Immerse your audience in a visual journey with CODEYEA Creative Design Agency' commitment to delivering web designs of unparalleled quality. Our creations are more than just visually stunning; they are a reflection of your brand's unique identity.

Embrace the future of online experiences with CODEYEA Creative Design Agency. Our responsive designs ensure a flawless user experience on every screen, fostering engagement and accessibility for a diverse audience.

Safeguard your digital assets with CODEYEA Creative Design Agency' robust security measures. We employ cutting-edge protocols to protect your website and user data, allowing you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Propel your brand to new heights with CODEYEA Creative Design Agency' strategic SEO approach. Our experts optimize your website to secure higher rankings on search engines, ensuring that your online identity not only stands out but thrives in the competitive digital landscape. Discover the power of CODEYEA Creative Design Agency in unlocking the full potential of your digital presence.

Experience the speed of success with CODEYEA Creative Design Agency' high-speed website hosting solutions. Our hosting services ensure optimal performance, quick loading times, and a seamless user experience, providing the foundation for a website that leaves a lasting impression.

With over 18 years of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills to perfection, making creativity the cornerstone of every successful project. We firmly believe that designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact on their business.

Years of experience
Wordpress Website Technical Support
Branding design
E-Commerce website design
Wordpress Website Technical Support

WordPress Technical Support

Ensure the security and continuous functionality of your website to enhance your business and prevent any potential disruptions. A variety of issues could lead to your entire website being compromised, such as:

  • Outdated plugins
  • Outdated themes
  • Minor code changes
  • Unauthorized logins
  • Automatic updates to plugins or themes

Stay proactive in addressing these concerns to maintain a reliable and secure online presence.

Branding design
Brand Designing

Creative Vision Without The Limits

Elevate your brand with top-notch design services, building trust and fostering long-term growth. Craft a memorable customer experience through cohesive design. Swiftly achieve positioning goals with services like corporate identity design. Access a variety of resources, including outdoor apparel catalog design, for valuable insights, staying competitive, and reaching your business goals.

E-Commerce website design
E-Commerce Website Design

Elevate Your Online Store with Impactful Design

Enhance your online store’s growth with impactful design. Our creative team crafts compelling designs that resonate with diverse audiences, conveying your brand essence. Explore custom e-commerce development for seamless customer journeys with stable solutions maintained by CODEYEA.

CODEYEA Hosting for every website.

Fast, secure, and affordable hosting plans for any budget with unlimited storage,
unmetered bandwidth, unbeatable hosting.



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$135 /year

20% OFF 1st year

renews at $168/year


$201 /year

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renews at $252/year


$336 /mo

20% OFF 1st year

renews at $420/year


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A creative design agency specialize in providing industry-specific design solutions that help businesses stand out in their respective markets.

Explore our portfolio and discover how we can help you make an impact.